Sunday, 5 November 2017

R+P Post 33: Reflections on my role and contribution during Research and Planning

In terms of planning our test shoot I feel like we all shared more or less equal responsibility and all contributed ideas to every aspect of the planning. The roles I think I was strongest in were storyboarding the video, creating potential designs for the digipak, working on the lighting in the studio and editing the rough cut of the video. I think the main aspects I need to work on in the real shoots are my performance skills as the DJ in the video, as this is something I have yet to master. There have been several steep learning curves, such as learning to use the camera in the studio and especially learning to use the lighting deck, but I believe that I am now confident in these areas, and I am ready for the main shoots!

R+P Post 32: Test shoot and rough edit

Our Test shoot went very well, as we followed our test shoot schedule:
We focused mainly on four different setups, one using a projector:

One using a sofa with different lighting setups:

One with lighting that we attempted to use to emulate a police car's flashing lights:

A two shot of the Dj and singer, which we also used to film the handheld shots of the DJ:

The test shoot was very useful to me, as it highlighted some practical problems we had yet to consider, such as how footage using projections would flicker. Because we realised this, we had to think about how to stage our shots using the projector to minimise the effect. It also gave us a chance to test out different lighting set-ups, and as a result we have several saved set-ups that will save us time in the real shoot.

The rough cut we produced using footage from the test shoot is below:

R+P Post 30 & 31: My shoot-board/ call sheet

This is our combined shoot-board and call sheet for our test week of filming. It has a tightly scheduled layout of when we are doing specific set-ups we had planned. It also contains a call-sheet of when each of us was available, as during the test shoot we used every possible opportunity to film. We didn't have any actors that weren't already in our group, so we didn't need to add any other names to the document. This shoot-board/call sheet was extremely useful for the test shoot, as it was kept us on schedule and allowed us to see who was available at what time, allowing us to plan when to shoot the shots requiring specific group members as actors easily.

R+P Post 29: Rehearsals

In order to make sure the test shoot ran smoothly and that we were cast in the correct roles, we held a test shoot for Aisha, who plays the lead singer of Cruze. The footage is below:

(Include test shoot)

To get into my role as a DJ I watched various videos of professional DJ's to get a feel for what actions to do. I found this video especially helpful:

R+P Post 28: My kit list

 Our Kit varies depending on whether we are shooting in the studio or shooting on location. For our location shoot, the kit we use is shown here, consisting of:
-Canon Legaria HD camera
- Headphones
- Microphone that attaches to the camera

This kit works well on location, as the camera is small and lightweight, allowing us to take handheld footage, which we plan to do on our location shoot. The tripod is easily portable, and is useful in the studio and on location because it allows us to keep the camera still while we shoot.

The microphone and headphones are useful particularly on location, as it will allow us to capture sound, which although will be absent in the finished video, will make it much easier to match our footage with the song.

R+P Post 27: Casting

The three most importnat parts in our production are played by the members of our group - Aisha is the singer in the studio shots and the main focus of the narrative aspect of our video, Sayo is a major character in the narrative, and I play the DJ of the group in the studio and location shots. We made ourselves the main characters because it is convenient, as we had already discussed what we wanted our artists to dress like and have experience using the various pieces of equipment needed in the studio. We have all also acted in the A2 prelim, which means we all know the dedication required for the shoot.

The other actors we have collated for our video are mainly to make up numbers in the location shots and to give the effect of videos like 'Shutdown' by Skepta and 'You Know You Like It' by AlunaGeorge which have inspired us. These actors are friends of members of our group, so we will be comfortable working with them, and trust them to be committed. The names and images of these people are listed below:


R+P Post 26: Set design, locations and props

The set design for our video is fairly simplistic, with the only major piece of set being a sofa to go in the centre of the frame for several shots. We think this will make the video seem casual, and will also look pleasant. (Need evidence from storyboard)

The props we are planning to use in the studio are mainly in relation to the DJ, specifically his 'DJ deck' (We are using a soundboard as a substitute.) and laptop, which we believe are vital in making sure the viewer knows straight away that this man on screen is a producer. We are also planning to use a stool in some shots for the singer to sit on, as this will also add to the laidback vibe of the video.

On location we don't have the soundboard, stool or sofa, and instead we have headphones for the DJ and a mobile phone for several shots in the narrative portion of the video.

The locations we are planning to shoot in are the graffiti covered side streets of Brick Lane and Wood Green, which we believe connote the urban sound of the music and the London-based location.